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Hello and welcome to the only website in America offering free instruction in the most prevalent social dance genre in Black America: Chicago Steppin’. You’re here because you’ve seen the dance and been intrigued by it, now you’re ready for that next step.

I’m excited for you because I know exactly how you feel! I was an eager, zealous newbie with an unbelievable desire to learn. I’ve tried to remove some of those obstacles for you by providing a virtual, comfortable environment for you to get familiar with the fundamentals of the dance.

This video helps put everything in perspective for us all. Thank you for choosing Artistic Motions. Let the journey begin…

Join us from 3pm to 6pm CST for Simply Smooth Sundays with Artistic Motions at Rhythm Flight Radio. Click a link below or download the Simple Radio app and search for Rhythm Flight Radio on your computer or mobile device.

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